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Life Insurance

Life insurance is more than a financial safety net for your loved ones – though it certainly is that. It’s also a unique financial asset that can solve some of life's more perplexing financial problems, and it offers the potential of high yield and tax-favored benefits. And you might be surprised at how low the carrying costs are.

Your Orr Insurance & Investment Broker will show you how life insurance can:

Create an estate: Where time or circumstances have kept the estate owner from setting aside sufficient assets to provide for surviving loved ones, life insurance can create an ‘instant estate’ that can alleviate financial worries during an already trying time.

Pay estate taxes and other estate settlement costs: The costs of settling an estate can vary from a low of 3% to over 50% of the estate’s value. A life policy can cover those costs in your absence.

Fund a business transfer: Business owners often contract to buy a deceased partner's share from their estate. A life policy can provide the ready cash to finance that transaction.

Pay off a home mortgage: If you would prefer to pass the family residence to your spouse or children mortgage-free, a term life insurance policy has significant advantages over products sold by the bank already holding the mortgage.

Protect a business from the loss of a key employee: The untimely death of a key employee can seriously disrupt a business. A life policy can give the company financial leeway to find the right person for their role.

Replace a charitable gift: Charitable Remainder Trusts provide tax benefits, and a life policy can replace the value of a donated asset. Life policies can also be paid directly to a chosen charity.

Guarantee loans: Personal or business loans can be paid off with insurance proceeds in the event of the borrower’s death.

Equalize inheritances: When a family business or farm passes to children who are active in it, life insurance can provide equalizing amounts for other children.


Your Broker is well versed in these estate, tax and business planning strategies so you can carry on knowing that the people important to you are looked after.


Disability Insurance

Pop quiz: What is your most important asset?

a. your house

b. your car

c. your ability to earn an income

The answer: c) Your ability to earn an income is the most important asset you have. You most likely earn money faster than your home appreciates. (And then there’s your mortgage balance.) Your car is probably depreciating as we speak. And without your earning power, any other assets are in jeopardy.

Essentially, anyone who needs a paycheck has a need for disability insurance. And you can protect yourself and your family with a policy that will replace your income in the event of a disability.                    

How long will your savings last if you are unable to work? How will you provide for your family, even if you suffer from a long-term disability? Are you aware of benefits provided by your employer or government plans? Your Orr Insurance & Investment Broker can help you answer these questions, and provide options to protect you and your family’s financial livelihood.

Emergency Medical Travel

You are responsible to pay for emergency healthcare services not covered by your government healthcare plan. And government healthcare only covers specific health expenses outside your home province or territory. Funding for out-of-province or out-of-country medical treatment is even more limited.

Canadian government healthcare plans strongly advise the purchase of supplemental healthcare insurance whenever you travel outside your home province or country. Even if it is just a cross-border shopping trip, an illness or accident can create major financial problems.

Your Orr Insurance & Investment Broker will comb the range of traveler's policies to find what suits your plans:

Get coverage for:

  • Canadians traveling for pleasure or business outside of Canada
  • Canadians traveling for pleasure or business outside of their home province
  • Visitors to Canada
  • Returning Canadians awaiting their government health plan
  • New immigrants.

Critical Illness

Illness is never welcome, but you can help your self and your family by being financially prepared. Critical Illness insurance supports patients before, during and after treatment with a lump-sum benefit when a critical illness is diagnosed. This coverage can supplement disability and health insurance to cover extra expenses often associated with a critical illness, or perhaps allow a spouse to stop working while providing close personal support.     


Long Term Care

You can protect your family against the financial drain of long-term care expenses. A Long Term Care policy pays a monthly amount that allows you to pay for care and services yourself, lessening any burden on your loved ones. And you can apply the funds any way you wish.


Health & Dental

Health & Dental benefits are designed for people and their families that do not have coverage through an employer. And this kind of policy can fill in where health expenses are not covered by government healthcare.

There is a wide, and fairly flexible, range of plans on the market. And because we are insurance brokers, we can shop the market on your behalf and assemble the right combination of health and dental benefits to keep you and your family covered.