Auto Insurance

The Right Coverage for What Moves You

Your Orr Insurance Broker will find you the right coverage at the right price

Car insurance is a must-have, and because Orr is an insurance brokerage, we can comb the market to find you the right balance of coverage and premium from among literally dozens of companies – whether it’s for the ‘family taxi’, your weekend ride, recreational or off-road vehicle, or classic showpiece. And if something does happen, your Orr representatives will be there for you.


We know: There are other things you’d rather spend money on. Us too. But besides being a legal requirement to operate your vehicle, the truth is that car insurance is an important way of protecting yourself, your family, your financial future, and potential medical needs, from the unexpected.

Most accidents are minor, but serious ones aren’t uncommon, and either can happen to even the best drivers – to the tune of millions of dollars in property damage and associated medical bills. And we all want to know that other people on the road are covered for any mistakes they make as well.

Car insurance is there for more than vehicle damage – it can also cover the cost of a rental car while damages and claims are being sorted out. Even pay for towing.

And if you never have an accident, most car insurance policies come with a range of coverage options and services that still make them valuable and helpful – like roadside assistance, renting a car when you travel, or allowing someone to use your vehicle. Your Orr Insurance Broker can explain your options.

Personal Automobile


Recreational Vehicles

Classic & Antique Vehicles

Coverage Options




Personal Automobile

Personal use motor vehicles are used for getting to and from work, taking children to school, shopping trips, visiting friends and family, and recreational uses like vacation.



Motorcycle coverage price varies based on experience and the type of motorcycle; i.e. sport bikes draw a much higher premium than would a cruiser. Motorcycle insurance is mandatory like auto insurance and therefore the policy automatically renews each year. As they are seasonally used, the premium is applied to the months normally operated and canceling off season may not result in any refund.


Recreational Vehicles

This refers to pleasure use only such as off-road use, snowmobiling, hunting and fishing trips, and can include some motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorhomes and travel trailers.


Classic and Antique Vehicles

These are motor vehicles over 25 years old, driven less than 5000km per year, and not used to drive to and from work.