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The Baby Came Earlier Than Expected. The Flooded Basement Wasn’t Expected At All!  


[The following is an account of real events as told to us by actual Orr Insurance & Investment clients on September 29, 2016.  Their personal information has been disguised.]

Life is full of stressful events.  Perhaps none as stressful — and joyous — as the birth of a new child.  For Andrew and Alex, their baby arrived 5 weeks earlier than expected, adding additional stress and anxiety to an already life-changing event.  Thankfully, the baby is happy and healthy, and the new parents were enjoying their first week as a family of three when they were faced with another stressful situation: water in the basement!


It’s easy to understand that with a one-week old baby in the house, other domestic responsibilities become much lower priorities.  For Andrew and Alex, dealing with a flooded basement was a most unwelcome reality.  However, after one short call to their Orr Insurance & Investment Broker, their stress and anxiety was immediately lifted.


Their Orr Broker immediately initiated the claims adjustment and restoration process, putting his clients at ease from the very beginning.  “At no time did we feel like ‘just another number’, and we never questioned whether or not we had a caring team of compassionate individuals handling our restoration.”


Everyone involved worked quickly to return Andrew and Alex’s life back to normal (or at least to the new normal that comes with such a young family). “Even though we lost a number of sentimental and memorable items in the flood, my family is able to enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday together, in our own home, without worry.  We are very grateful to have had Orr’s support during these past few weeks.”


Andrew and Alex didn’t receive preferential treatment or special attention.  They merely got their Orr Insurance & Investment Broker working for them when they needed it most.  Their example is a good reminder that  Brokers advocate and work for you to get you what you deserve in the unfortunate instances when it’s needed. 


Talk to a Broker today to make sure you have the coverage you need (especially for water damage), and remember to call your Broker if and when you need us.


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