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I work out of my home. WIll my homeowners insurance cover my business assets?

Yes, but on a very limited basis and this depends on the insurance company as well as the type of business being run out of your home.   Most home businesses need to be approved by the insurance company.  Loss of business property may be reimbursed up to a defined limit under your homeowner’s policy; however these limits may be too low to cover all of the equipment and materials you have accumulated.   It's also important to know that no business liability coverage is included in a standard homeowners policy. Please ask your broker about obtaining the proper insurance coverage for your particular business.


How do I protect the brick and mortar of my business?

Damage to or loss of your business’s physical assets (building, equipment and stock) can stem from a range of events such as fire, weather, theft, vandalism, electrical power surges etc.  Commercial property insurance greatly increases your business’s chance of recovering from these exposures, as it helps you cover the costs of repairing damaged property, equipment or stock or for replacing what you have lost.   Property Insurance not only covers assets at your place of business, but extends to job sites and while enroute to a job site.