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Your Orr Insurance Broker will find the right coverage, at the right price, for your operation

Businesses do an amazing job of keeping the economy rolling. And you can stay focused knowing that you, your company, your employees and your vehicles are financially protected in case of an accident. Your Orr Insurance Broker will shop the market for the best combination of value and premium. And when accidents happen, your Orr representatives will be there for you.

The Internet notwithstanding, most business products and services depend on safe travel and transport. It’s actually a big responsibility. And since even the best drivers can be involved in accidents, it’s good business sense to financially protect your drivers and vehicles with insurance coverage, including temporary rentals … even towing … to keep your business moving.

Understanding Commercial Vehicle Insurance

An Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP) is a document that sets out the rights and obligations of insured persons and their insurance companies for vehicle insurance coverage, with its terms and conditions.

What is a Commercial Vehicle?

Commercial Auto OAP 1 policies cover vehicles of the truck type – including tractors, straight trucks, vans, automobiles with pick-up bodies, and jeeps used for commercial purposes.

They can also include a private passenger vehicle altered to transport merchandise or products, or other commercial uses, or a private passenger vehicle used for commercial purposes.

Plus trailers of all types used with these commercial vehicles:                       


Farm Vehicles

Trucking: Mid-Haul or Long-Haul

Garage Automobile Policies

Coverage Options




Drivers Best Practices

Always request motor vehicle records (MVRs) when hiring vehicle operators. Driving convictions, accidents, age, and years of experience with a specific vehicle type can significantly affect your insurance premiums. Individuals can get their MVRs for a small fee at a Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) office.

Individually Rated Coverage

Individually rated commercial auto risks usually apply to fewer than five power units (motorized vehicles, vs. trailers). Underwriters use similar criteria to personal auto risks: use, operating radius, ownership history, driving record, accident-free years, and rate group.


Five or more power units with common business ownership for commercial or public use can be considered a fleet. This includes vehicles on long-term lease.

Fleet premiums can offer discounts, or surcharges, based on the overall losses paid over a specified time period – the fewer claims paid, the greater your premium discounts.

Farm Vehicles

A farm truck is defined as a commercial-type automobile used in connection with the operation of the owner’s farm.

Trucking: Mid-Haul or Long-Haul

Private Carrier: Normally a company carrying their own goods. A private carrier’s main business is not transportation, but secondarily transports its own goods.

Contract Carrier: A transport company that does not serve the general public but select companies under contract. The contract carrier hauls non-owned goods.

Common Carrier: A transport company serving the general public. A common carrier hauls non-owned goods as its primary business. Load and freight brokers hire common carriers. 

Garage Automobile Policies

Officially referred to as an OAP 4 policy, it covers risks engaged in the sale, repair or service of vehicles including:

  • automobile sales
  • repair shops
  • gas bars
  • parking lot garages
  • specialty shops such as auto glass, muffler or transmission shops
  • valet parking
  • towing operations.


Garage policies can be written to Include or Exclude Owned Vehicles. Operations that sell vehicles must have "Including Owned Vehicle" coverage.

Coverages are similar to OAP 1, with additional coverage for:

Section 1 - Third Party Liability: Covers the liability imposed by law for bodily injury to or death of any person, or damage to property of others not in the Care, Custody or Control of the insured, arising form the ownership or operation of any owned, customer’s or non-owned automobile.

Section 6 - Legal Liability for Damage to Customers’ Automobiles while in the care, custody or control of the insured. This is in conjunction with a General Liability policy covering the insured’s business operations.