In the event of an accident:

Make sure your employees know what to do:

  • Stay calm. Take care of anyone who is injured.
  • Turn off the engine and do not smoke or place flares near the vehicle.
  • Do not move anyone with injuries unless it is necessary to keep them safe.
  • Do not move your car if there are injured, fatalities, extensive damage, or fuel leaks.
  • If the damage has major damages, over $1000 or involving injuries, call the police at 911
    and wait for their arrival. Report all Hit and Run accidents to the police.
  • Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of the other drivers, passengers, witnesses, pedestrians, cyclists and anyone with injuries. Record the other vehicle descriptions including license plate numbers, insurance company names and policy numbers.
  • If the vehicle is not drivable, and when the police or Accident Reporting Centre permits it, arrange for the vehicle to be towed to a repair facility of your choice.


Better yet…

Your employees can have the Orr Insurance SmartKit App on their Android, BlackBerry or iPhone. With the SmartKit, they can:

  • Call 1.800.846.4163 or email your Orr Insurance representative with the touch of a button, or surf to Orr’s website.
  • Report an accident to Orr Insurance from the scene, using a simplified form that ensures no important details are overlooked.
  • Attach photos taken with the smartphone.
  • Locate and call the nearest Collision Reporting Centre or approved body shop from wherever they are, including a map with directions.
  • Store basic information about your insurance policies.

You can also use the app for your property insurance policies and claims.

Click <here> to select and download the SmartKit app for your device.

Reporting the claim

If you don’t have the SmartKit app on your or your employee’s smartphone, call your Orr Insurance broker at the first opportunity, or contact your insurance company claim center directly if you prefer.

We provide a claim report form with your liability slip that can be used to record the required claim information. Or you can download <this PDF claim report> to complete and submit to Orr Insurance after calling our office.

What to expect after reporting your claim

You will receive a call from an insurance company Claims Representative who will review the details of the claim reported by you or us as your broker. If you do not receive a call from the claims representative within 24 business hours, call Orr Insurance and we will follow up on your behalf.

You will be asked for a detailed description of what happened in the accident. The information you provide will help the claims representative determine fault based on the Ontario Fault Determination Rules. If you are more than 25% at fault, your future premiums may be affected.

The claims representative will discuss where you want your vehicle fixed (if repairable) and explain the advantages of any “Preferred Repair Facilities” they use. Your insurance company has an obligation to repair your vehicle to equal or better condition than prior to the loss, or to provide payment based on the value of a similar vehicle.

If your policy requires you to pay a deductible, you will pay it to the repair shop when you pick up your car, or it will be applied to any “Total Loss Settlement” payment.

Anyone injured in the accident, driver or passenger, can expect to contacted by an Accident Benefits Claims Representative, who will handle the injury portion of the claim.

Call your Orr Insurance Broker at 1.800.876.4163 if you have any concerns or questions.